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Family Law

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Family law encompasses a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from disputes among family members, conflicts between the state and family, to problems between third parties and the family. Within a family, clients may seek legal assistance for divorce, division of marital property, child custody, visitation, and support awards and modifications. A client may want to bring a paternity action to collect child support. A minor may seek emancipation and a battered woman may seek a restraining order. [The state ]...may bring child abuse and neglect or termination of parental right actions, or seek reimbursement in paternity and child support actions from a parent whose children receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. And, in adoption, grandparent visitation, and guardianship cases, a third party may assert rights with respect to a family.

Recent Successes

Lakeshore represented a victim of domestic violence who was living in the home she had shared with her domestic partner prior to her filing for a personal protection order. Upon receiving said order, her domestic partner attempted to evict her from the home. Lakeshore successfully argued that a landlord-tenant relationship existed between the parties and as such Lakeshore was able to demand a jury trial for the client. Lakeshore obtained damages for the client for her partners decision to terminate heat to the dwelling.

Lakeshore represented an Albanian mother of one who had been sexually and physically assaulted by her brother. The client was not eligible for a VAWA self petition. Working with law enforcement and with the permission from the client, Lakeshore was able to obtain deferred status on a U-VISA as well as work authorization giving the client the means to leave her brother's home and obtain autonomy for herself and her child.

Lakeshore represented a victim of domestic violence whose husband was convicted of criminal sexual conduct against one of the parties' minor children. Subsequent to the conviction, the opposing party voluntarily relinquished his parental rights. Since the opposing party's rights were terminated the Friend of the Court did not pursue a child support order. Lakeshore spoke with the Friend of the Court and she advised that she believed the law did not permit the collection of support. Lakeshore drafted and submitted brief which argued that child support obligation do not cease unless the children are adopted or emancipated. Lakeshore was able to obtain prospective and retroactive child support for the client.

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