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Family Law

Lakeshore represented a victim of domestic violence who was living in the home she had shared with her domestic partner prior to her filing for a personal protection order. Upon receiving said order, her domestic partner attempted to evict her from the home. Lakeshore successfully argued that a landlord-tenant relationship existed between the parties and as such Lakeshore was able to demand a jury trial for the client. Lakeshore obtained damages for the client for her partners decision to terminate heat to the dwelling.

Lakeshore represented an Albanian mother of one who had been sexually and physically assaulted by her brother. The client was not eligible for a VAWA self petition. Working with law enforcement and with the permission from the client, Lakeshore was able to obtain deferred status on a U-VISA as well as work authorization giving the client the means to leave her brother's home and obtain autonomy for herself and her child.

Lakeshore represented a victim of domestic violence whose husband was convicted of criminal sexual conduct against one of the parties' minor children. Subsequent to the conviction, the opposing party voluntarily relinquished his parental rights. Since the opposing party's rights were terminated the Friend of the Court did not pursue a child support order. Lakeshore spoke with the Friend of the Court and she advised that she believed the law did not permit the collection of support. Lakeshore drafted and submitted brief which argued that child support obligation do not cease unless the children are adopted or emancipated. Lakeshore was able to obtain prospective and retroactive child support for the client.


Lakeshore sucessfully represented a woman in a personal protection order (PPO) case against her same sex partner. Lakeshore's client had been raped and stalked by her partner and had obtained a PPO to prohibit further contact. The clients partner then sought to terminate the PPO, however, Lakeshore was able to elicit testimony from the assailant that resulted in both the PPO staying in effect and criminal charges for the rape.

"Dave" was badly beaten by his partner of twenty years, suffering a broken cheekbone and numerous cuts and bruises. When Dave was taken to the hospital, his partner fled taking the couple's only car, all of their savings and leaving Dave financially and emotionally destitute. Suffering from severe emotional trauma and anxiety, as well as homebound, Dave called Affirmations for crisis intervention. Affirmations then referred Dave to Lakeshore for Legal assistance. Working with Affirmations, Lakeshore was able to get Dave supportive services from the domestic violence shelter and access to public benefits to forestall the termination of Dave's heat and light. Because the energy company was inappropriately holding Dave responsible for his partner's debt, Lakeshore was also able to get the back bill reduced by over $400. Dave said that the intervention of Affirmations and Lakeshore literally saved his life.

Elder Law

Lakeshore represented a senior in poverty in a debt collection action. The senior had become ill and placed his prescription drugs on his credit card. The client fell behind in his bills and became unable to pay. The debt collection attorney improperly pled the action Lakeshore was able to have the matter dismissed returning to the client over 25% of his monthly income to him.

A senior disabled client could not get her mail because of her handicap. She had asked for mail to be delivered directly to her door but the post office and the apartment complex had both said that the issue was the others responsibility. After several weeks of advocacy, Lakeshore was able to resolve the matter at no cost to the client and mail is now being directly delivered to the client’s home.

Lakeshore assisted a senior poverty client defeat a lawsuit from the client=s family member. The family member had been abusive to the client. After the family member left the home, he sued the senior to recoup money for any and all work he had done around the premises that the family shared. Lakeshore was able to have the lawsuit dismissed and referred the client for counseling to assist with the ordeal that the family member had put her through.

A senior client lost her husband of 65 years. The client=s husband had been very ill and spent his last few months in a nursing home. Less than one week after his death, the client received a bill for over for husband=s nursing home care. Lakeshore was able to negotiate with the nursing home and insure that the nursing home did not seek to hold the client accountable for her husband’s debt.

The nephew of an senior client petitioned the probate for an emergency guardianship because the client was attempting to revoke the power of attorney she had previously assigned to him. The client reported to Lakeshore attorneys that her nephew had beaten her, withheld her medication and failed to attend to her personal hygiene needs. The client was very mentally competent but had limited mobility. Lakeshore appeared on less than 24-hour notice at the hospital bedside of our client for a hearing. Through Lakeshore=s advocacy, the petition for guardianship filed by nephew was denied by the Judge. Lakeshore then arranged for the client to name a more appropriate power of attorney, to receive in-home visiting care and to be discharged to a handicap accessible apartment. Shortly after the client was discharged from the hospital, the nephew again filed for an emergency guardianship alleging that the client=s new caretakers were inappropriate. The hospital social worker called Lakeshore and Lakeshore appeared at the new hearing with less than 2 hour notice. Lakeshore was also able to defeat the second petition.

Immigrant Domestic Violence

Natalie* was a Russian immigrant who met her American born husband through the internet. A whirlwind courtship followed and the two were married in Russia. Natalie, who had a Master’s Degree in Russian Art History immigrated to the United States with her eleven year old daughter. Natalie spoke very little English but was very excited to marry her new husband, who was also well educated. Within a month of her arrival to the United States, her husband became physically and sexually violent and abusive. He advised Natalie that she was his property. Natalie left when she discovered that her husband was making sexual advances to her eleven year old daughter.

Natalie’s husband filed for an annulment of the marriage and sought to change her immigration status because he claimed that she entered into the marriage in bad faith. Since Natalie sold her all of her property and gave the money to her new husband, she had no mean to return to Russia. After a lengthy trial, Lakeshore was able to have the annulment dismissed; obtain a divorce for Natalie and ensure she received the property that she owned when she entered the marriage. Natalie chose to stay in the United States and Lakeshore was also able to secure immigration status for Natalie. Natalie recently sent Lakeshore a Thank You card indicating that she and her daughter were doing well and that she was teaching Russian literature at a local community college.

*Name has been changed to protect client privacy.

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